Nic’s behaviour was extremely challenging due to his disabilities, and he would often jump on furniture and break things.


He also had an aversion to clothes and so would regularly strip when out in public and was unable to sleep through the night.

His mum and dad were exhausted and at breaking point when they were referred to Pastens.

It was an extremely tough decision for his parents to opt for full time residential centre, but having spent a lot of time with the trained staff, they realised Pastens was able to provide Nic with the specialist care he needed, as well as offer the whole family support.

Our staff worked closely with Nic and his parents to create a support plan identifying his needs and how these would be met. They also identified personal development goals to ensure he was reaching his potential. 

"Nic was heavily medicated when he first attended Pastens to help him relax and manage his challenging behaviour, but after staff working with him to manage his behaviour and provide support, he has now completely stopped taking medication."

Staff noticed Nic responded better to male staff and so straight away they organised staffing ensure he was supported by male carers wherever possible.

They also looked at new ways to help him stop taking off his clothes. Staff had special clothing made for him which were more comfortable and difficult to remove. This meant he was able to go out into the community without the fear of him removing his clothing or hurting himself, as often happened during these incidents.

Now nineteen years old, Nic was recently supported by Action for Children to help him make a smooth move into adult services. Staff at Pastens worked closely with him and his new carers to ensure he was comfortable with the transition and that his new carers knew how to meet his needs.

Through his time at Pastens and the support he has received, Nic has grown and developed and is thriving. He now seeks interaction with his peers and his warm, loving nature has resurfaced.

His relationship with his Mum and Dad has also flourished without the constant fear and worry they had before.


“We are so proud of Nic and we are so proud of our staff for giving him the love, support and opportunity he needed to reach his potential,” Pastens staff said.

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