The Guide

Young people in school are in a period of their lives that is crucial for their mental health development.

Young people in Wales spend more time in school than anywhere else outside of their home.

The Guide is a mental health literacy programme designed to aid students and their teachers to improve their mental kealth knowledge, reduce stigma, and increase help seeking behaviours. 


What is The Guide Cymru?

The Guide Project in Wales has been adapted to be delivered to 13-15 year olds (year 9 pupils) and consists of three aspects;

1 - Go-To Educator training - comprehensive 2-day Mental Health Literacy training for up to 3 teachers per secondary school.

2 - Teacher Resources - comprehensive online and self-study resources for teachers to aid knowledge and delivery.

3 - The Mental Health & High School Curriculum Guide - a six module evidence-based classroom programme designed to be taught to year 9 pupils. The Curriculum Guide is proven to increase the understanding of mental health and mental disorders, decrease the stigma of mental illness and increase help seeking efficacy, amongst both students and teachers.

The project aims to positively impact:

  • 30,000 year 9 pupils
  • 615 teachers
  • 205 secondary schools

To achieve these objectives, the 'Go-To' Educator training will be delivered to designated teachers and consequently The Guide curriculum will then be delivered to year 9 pupils.

How will we prove it has been a success?

To evaluate the success of the intervention a Randomised Control Trial (RCT) will be conducted in partnership with Swansea University.

  • Designed to identify whether there is a cause-effect outcome of the intervention and is the accepted ‘gold standard’ methodology for evaluating outcomes of health interventions.
  • Identify the impact of delivering The Guide to all Year 9 pupils across Wales, in terms of improving their mental health knowledge and help-seeking efficacy, and to reduce levels of stigma about mental disorder, in comparison to “business as usual”
  • Help teachers and educators recognise how The Guide best fits alongside the new national curriculum and identify the barriers, as well as the best facilitators, to successful delivery.

What is involved with an RCT?

  • Designated teachers receiving the 2 day training complete pre, post and follow-up questionnaire evaluation measures
  • All year 9 pupils in each participating schools complete pre, post and follow-up measures
  • Data for this research study is collected and collated and findings will be available for individual participating schools when published.
"Equipping young people to maintain good mental health, support peers and access support when required is one of the big challenges for our society. Providing some of the essential building blocks within education is a great opportunity to really turn the tide on mental health."

Dr Dave Williams, Divisional Director Family and Therapy Services
Aneurin Bevan Health Board/Bwrdd Iechyd Aneurin Bevan

After the 'Go-To' Educator training, teachers have access to The Guide website which has all of the resources and information for teachers to deliver The Guide.

You will need the password. Contact us if you are interested in using The Guide and accessing the resources.

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