Residential childcare

Since opening our first children’s home in 1869, we have helped children without a safe and stable home across the UK.

We do it through practical services and programmes that are proven to work. Such as finding loving fostering and adoptive homes, or providing intensive support to keep families together. But for some children, residential care remains the best option to do what’s right, do what’s needed, do what works.

We provide a positive choice for those with the most complex and challenging needs through a range of residential homes and services. We are happy to talk to commissioners about our vacancies or potential new developments required for children in their care. For further information contact us


By building strong relationships.

Across all our homes, we offer the same approach: highly skilled staff given the right support and supervision that enables them to focus on building solid relationships that deliver the best possible results for children in our care.

We understand the experiences that cared for children have had. Such as multiple rejections, placement breakdowns, exclusion or significant abuse. We never give up on these children. Our carers know how to gain their trust and build the attachment and relationships required to help them to move forward positively with their lives.

By building on strengths, each child builds the skills and resilience they need to grow up strong.

By taking a child centred approach

Our approach involves working together, valuing evidence and your expertise.

But also keeping the needs of children at the centre and working closely with them to deliver great results.

  • By always putting safeguarding first.
  • By listening hard we design the service around not only what the commissioner wants, but what the young person needs.
  • By equipping our people with the skills and supervision they need to get the best result for children in their care.
  • By taking time to develop trust, and then introducing evidence based models that help with attachment and relationships.
  • By carefully measuring progress so that we can continually improve.
  • By including children in the decisions being made about them.

Diligent staff regularly review and update the thorough, detailed and effective risk assessments and behaviour support plans. This attentive practice ensures that staff have the information that they need to keep these highly vulnerable young people safe. Ofsted report 2017, Warwickshire Home

Quality Standards and Regulation 44 visits

We partner, we collaborate and we share.

By supporting all homes to improve standards.

Commissioned by the Department for Education to help the sector to implement the Children’s Homes Regulations 2015 and Quality Standards, we offer advice, guidance and resources for children’s homes across the UK.

Keeping children safe from harm, to themselves or others, is of paramount importance. To support the sector we also provide training, to meet individual needs.

Visit the Children's Homes Quality Standards website to find out more, or join our mailing list to receive monthly updates:

Regulation 44 independent visitors.

As part of our work to improve standards, Regulation 44 monthly visits and reports from experienced independent visitors deliver fair appraisals. Vetted, trained and well supported through regular supervision and guidance, our visitors help you to do the best possible job for the children in your care.

For a chat about how to use our quality assured service, call the Regulation 44 Service Manager on 07720 431 298.


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