Mental health

Tackling mental health issues in young people is a major need across the UK. 75% of adult mental health problems start before a child is 18, so our early intervention makes a lifelong difference.

With every child or young person, we begin by monitoring their current state of mental health across a range of areas. We then track the difference we make per child.

In our services, we offer a variety of support

  • one-to-one support
  • counselling
  • group work
  • practical confidence building activities

"We ended up talking about everything – it was such a relief to tell the truth and not get judged."

In many of our services, we work closely with parents to enhance their children’s mental health. But parents themselves can struggle. This can happen with new parents and with those who have had children before. 

Our staff provide support to:

  • Establish routines to improve family life
  • Manage behaviour and difficult feelings
  • Improve money management
  • Help their children achieve their educational potential

Support for parents

Jackie Gleed


Jackie had been struggling with her mental health before she came to us. At our Caerphilly Family Intervention Service, we offer whole-family therapeutic support, and Jackie began her recovery.

The Caerphilly team works with children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, problems with family relationships and those who have or are likely to self-harm. They work directly with families to help understand the reasons behind the behaviour.

Jackie said, “Working with the whole family was just what was needed because obviously as mum and not being great, it affected how I was with my children, how they were with me and it fed on that.”

Jackie's story


In partnership with Royal Mail

Starting in June 2017, our partnership with Royal Mail aims to raise £2 million for a preventative, school-based mental health programme for 13-19 year olds across the UK.

We hope to reach thousands of young people who are at risk of developing depression and other mental health issues, and make sure they get the help they need.

Our partnership with Royal Mail

If we act early, we can prevent these illnesses from having a devastating impact on those children for the rest of their lives.