You might have noticed we recently relaunched our brand. Along with a new logo and colours, we've updated our Vision, Mission and Values to reflect our sharpened focus as a charity and inspire your support.

What are our new Vision, Mission and Values?

Our Vision is that every child and young person in the country has a safe and happy childhood and the foundations they need to thrive. The core of this Vision is ‘safe and happy childhood’: a simple, clear phrase that captures what we aspire to for children and young people.

Our Mission is to protect and support children and young people. We do this by providing practical and emotional care and support; by ensuring their voices are heard; and by campaigning to bring lasting improvements to their lives. These are the practical actions we undertake as an organisation, to help bring our Vision about.

We have four Values:

  • We’re passionate about all children having a safe and happy childhood.
  • We’re ambitious for children and young people.
  • We collaborate internally and externally with other organisations to get the best outcomes for children.
  • And we’re inclusive, striving to ensure that all children are included.

Why are we relaunching our brand?

Over the last year we’ve sharpened our focus as an organisation. We have a clear new sense of what we want to stand for - captured in our new Vision, Mission and Values. We also have a new ambition for our internal culture.

Our previous branding didn't reflect this new focus, and didn't inspire the general public to support us. We also found internally that our previous identity was restrictive and hard for our teams to work with. 

All of these limitations were a particular issue, as we’re increasingly reliant on voluntary income.

That’s why we created our new brand look and feel: it brings our new focus to life, to inspire support from our many audiences – including the general public.

As a charity, is our brand the right thing to be investing in?

We’re convinced that – as a charity – we’re right to be investing in our brand. That’s because our brand isn’t just a logo; it’s everything that our organisation stands for in people’s minds. So our brand matters because it’s vital that we stand for the right things, inspiring our different audiences to support us.

In fact, developing a distinctive, relevant brand is just as important to charities as it is to commercial organisations. Perhaps even more so. The stronger our brand, the more we can engage supporters, recruit partners, raise money and influence opinion – and these are all vital to delivering our core services.

We have a duty to communicate clearly and memorably across all our activities. And we’re confident that our new brand will enable us to do this.