A message from 4Children

"As of 1st September 2016, 4Children has ceased operating and our services have transferred to alternative providers."

"Most of our services have transferred to Action for Children and you can find details of your local services below. Others have transferred to the local authority or another local provider. You can find their contact details via your local Family Information Service.

"The change of management should not affect the day to day operation of our services and the support available for parents and children. If you use one of our services and have any questions, please speak to the setting manager."

"Thank you to all our supporters, and the children and families who have used our services for more than 30 years."

4Children, 4Children (Trading) Limited, 4Children (Direct) Limited, 4Children (Gloucestershire) Limited, 4Children (Plymouth) Limited, 4Children (Worcestershire) Limited (collectively “the Charity”) – in administration.

Adam Henry Stephens, Finbarr Thomas O’Connell & Andrew Stephen McGill were appointed joint administrators of the Charity on 31 August 2016 and the affairs, business and property of the company are being managed by them. The joint administrators contract as agents of the company and without personal liability.”

For any queries in relation to the administration then please contact:
Runita Kholia of Smith & Williamson LLP on 0207 131 4880.

Action for Children will now be running these former 4Children services:

Children’s Centres

Children’s Centres in Essex


Children’s Centres in Norfolk


Stockton Children’s Centres


Children’s Centres in Worcester


Nurseries in Essex


Nurseries in Stockton


Nurseries in Derby


Nurseries in Gateshead


Nurseries in Kent


Nurseries in Knowsley


Nurseries in North Tyneside

Other services

Essex Shortbreaks Services

Who to contact 

If you don’t see the service you’re looking for listed here, please contact the 4Children administrators, who will be able to help.

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