The great outdoors

The NHS advises at least an hour of exercise a day for children between five and 18 years old, and three hours for a child under five.

These activities are great for helping their physical development and understanding of the world.

Giving time and space for energetic play helps children to gain confidence.


Activities to try

Nature Trail

  1. Head out in autumn and go for a walk to see what you can find, you don’t need to go far the garden or local park will be brill.
  2. Take bark rubbings, hold paper against a tree trunk and rub a wax crayon on the paper to take the pattern of the bark.
  3. Collect things your child is interested in, take them home (as long as it’s safe) and create a collage with your bark rubbings.

Fun and games

  1. Don’t worry about getting messy, jumping in puddles is a lot of fun!
  2. Or you could play a game of hide and seek, races of football.