In our recent poll, sport was one of the top three activities children told us they wanted to do with their parents. So why not turn your garden or a section of the local park into your very own sporting arena?

This is great for children's personal social and emotional development, more specifically -making relationships. Providing a range of small and large equipment enables young children to develop their gross and fine motor skills. Involving children in fun with their familiar others contributes to the development of their own well-being and self-esteem.


 What to do

  1. Egg and spoon race
    No sports day would be complete without this classic race. If you're short on preparation time, use a small potato instead of a boiled egg.
  2. Welly wanging
    A child's welly is far safer than a javelin or a discus. Simply take turns to throw the welly as far as you can. After each turn, a family member should place a marker with the person’s name on it where the welly landed. When everyone has had a turn, compare the markers to see who has thrown the welly the furthest. They win!
  3. Obstacle course
    You don't need any fancy equipment to build an obstacle course, just a bit of imagination - a picnic or coffee table for crawling under; an old duvet cover open both ends to create a tunnel to wriggle through; put a pile of hats out half way along the route which have to be balanced on heads; make the competitors step into a zigzag of hula hoops to slow them down. Anything goes as long as it's safe!