Parliamentary event urges government to Choose Childhood

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Minister and Ashleigh

"Before I was introduced to Action for Children, I bottled everything up and had trust issues. I attempted to take my own life and didn’t feel I had a voice." These were the words of one of the young people supported by Action for Children, at our Choose Childhood campaign launch last month. 

More than 200 supporters, young people and celebrities attended the event at Parliament to launch the campaign, which highlights that vulnerable children are missing out on vital support, and calls on government to create a National Childhood Strategy.

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This year marks 150 years since Action for Children began supporting children and young people. Incredible progress has been made in this time, but in the past 10 years childhoods seem to be getting worse.

Latest research reveals some shocking facts about childhood today. Every 15 minutes, a child is taken into care for their own safety. One in five children have been exposed to domestic abuse. And there are 4.1 million children in poverty. 

Our report shows that two-thirds of parents and grandparents agree that childhood is worse now than for previous generations.

To change this, we need the support of politicians and the attention of the new Prime Minister. So far, nearly 40 MPs have pledged to Choose Childhood, committing to "stand up for children in my local areas", "ensure every child has the best start in life", or "protect local centres which support children and families". The previous minister for children, Nadhim Zahawi, even acknowledged the need for more money to support children - another key call of our Choose Childhood campaign - and pledged to make the case for more funding.

This demonstrated cross-party support for our cause, and was a brilliant start to the campaign. The room was full of inspirational people and motivated supporters. One of the young people attending the event told us they “felt part of something really amazing”.

But we need to keep the momentum going.

Now, we’re asking the public to help us gather as much political support as possible by emailing their local MP. Can you help us get more pledges for every child to have a safe and happy childhood?

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