Half of Brits admit re-gifting presents

Posted by / Wednesday 14 November 2018 / Press release Campaigns
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It may be the season of goodwill but when we surveyed 2,000 people about their Christmas presents, we found that half of Brits admit to ‘re-gifting’, that is, giving something as a present that the giver has previously received as a present from someone else.

But they need to be careful: 7% of those who confessed to passing on a questionable present have embarrassingly been caught out, with half of them confessing that they had given it back to the person who gave it to them in the first place!

Over a third of us have received at least one unwanted Christmas present every year and it seems mums are the worst offenders – 20% of those surveyed admitted their mother regularly gives the most unwanted presents whereas only 4% regularly receive unwanted gifts from a son.

Plus, if you remember awkward Christmas mornings unwrapping yet another pair of novelty socks with a fake smile on your face, you’re not the only one. The poll showed a massive 64% of us lie when given something we don’t want.

Shockingly, the estimated average price of the most expensive unwanted gift is a whopping £40!


With so much waste, this year we are asking people to ditch the panic-bought presents and instead donate £10 to become a Secret Santa and help vulnerable children across the UK.


“It has almost become a rite of passage that you receive an unwanted Christmas present every year," comedian, Omid Djalili told us. "My aunt once got me shampoo, despite me not having had hair since 2003. I said, “Auntie, you know I haven’t got any hair.” She said, “it’s the thought that counts.” I said, “what were you thinking?”. She said, “I really don’t know!”

“The next Christmas she got a voucher for me to get my highlights done at Vidal Sassoon.”

“Next time you’re buying a loved one a present they probably don’t need and may not like, think about becoming a Secret Santa for Action for Children instead and make an amazing difference to a child this Christmas.”

Watch our video starring Omid and others including Inbetweeners star Laura Haddock, comedian Omid Djalili, Peaky Blinders actor Finn Cole and singer Sinitta here.