‘Community Swap n Shop’ offers career training as well as clothes!

Posted by / Tuesday 22 November 2016 / Fundraising
Action for Childrens Community Swap n Shop 2 (1)

A new and unique clothes bank project in Norfolk is giving parents the chance to take up free, formal training towards a qualification in business enterprise and customer service. 

Action for Childrens Community Swap n Shop (1)

Our ‘Community Swap n Shop’ project has installed clothes banks at our 17 children centres across Norfolk and gives residents the chance to swap new and pre-loved donated clothing, shoes or accessories and offer them for re-sale. Those who donate can choose to receive tokens in return which can be used to buy other items from the shop.

While the project’s volunteers sort the clothing, labelling and pricing, our staff offer them guidance on how best to buy and sell donated items online. They also give them the opportunity to take up free, formal training towards a qualification in business enterprise and customer service as well as e-learning on a wide range of subjects. 

"Our ‘Community Swap n Shop’ initiative is about supporting parents with confidence building and skills for life – those who may be experiencing isolation after moving to to a new area, or those who want a helping hand into work"

Action for Children's Lisa Nicholson
Walsham mum Tina with Swap n Shop e-learning certificates (1)

“We are like a charity shop but by donating you have tokens to spend and we have some real bargains for sale. The shop will also be raising money for the children's centres, and, in turn, helping support our work with children and families in the surrounding areas. All of the money raised will go back to the charity and our volunteers will help decide how best to spend the money locally." - Action for Children's Lisa Nicholson.

Walsham mum of two, Tina, 35, said: "Community Swap 'n' Shop, has helped me personally with confidence building through meeting different people and other volunteers.

"I am in the process of obtaining a Level 2 customer service qualification which has supported me to work with different people and improve my communication skills.  I am so proud to be part of this project."

Tina, Community Swap n Shop volunteer

The success of this pilot project in Norfolk means we'll soon see a roll out at Action for Children centres across England!

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