Action for Children response to today's NAO report into child protection

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Today (10th October 2016), the National Audit Office (NAO) released their report on child protection

The National Audit Office (NAO) report assessed the government's progress in improving child help and protection, after the DfE concluded in 2010 that children's services were not good enough.

In the report, this BBC article argues that Government attempts to improve protection for at-risk children in England have been criticised by the National Audit Office. The spending watchdog says help for at-risk children is "unsatisfactory and inconsistent" and urges the Department for Education (DfE) to "show a sense of urgency and determination" in delivering change by a promised target date of 2020.

It concluded progress was poor, with only 23% of local authorities judged by watchdog Ofsted to be good for protection services.


Read our response below:

In response to today’s NAO report into child protection:

Senior policy advisor at Action for Children, Meredith Davis, said: “Effective child protection cannot take place when the wider children’s social care system is not working – we need to focus resources on evidence-based services that we know improve children’s lives.

“Although funding for child protection and statutory services has remained steady, we’re extremely concerned about the cuts to early help services – since 2010 we’ve seen a 31 per cent reduction in funding in England and Wales.  Only by re-investing in these preventative, community-based services will we see the UK become a safer place for our children.”

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