Not everyone is prepared to manage money! Take action to help.

Posted by Tamara Schofield / Friday 13 November 2015 / Financial education Getting a fair deal?

When it finally happened, I felt in control! That feeling when you know you are able to manage money. Not relying on anyone else but being able to get yourself through the month (or until your next bit of income comes in) feels liberating. Being able to treat yourself now and then but still knowing where you stand really does make you feel in control.

This wasn’t always the case for me. Why is it schools do not teach you the essential money life skills? What is tax? How much is National Insurance? (or come to think of it, what it even is!). I really wish school taught you about these things and the safety net of benefits when you need it most.

I’m getting involved with Fair Deal campaign because you should be able to learn about managing money in many different places, not just expect parents or school to teach young people. I have helped a lot of friends who don’t have these safe places to go and where they can apply for funding and support. If only they were better sign posted. A little more communication targeted at young people will go a long way!

To the people in power, the ministers, banks and other bodies, please stop making these policies without consulting us. It is time young people were the sounding board for your decision, because don’t forget, these decision are for us so let it be youth led.

Take action now, add your voice to the campaign.

Tamara Schofield is an Action for Children Young Ambassador


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