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Posted by Chloe / Friday 20 November 2015 / Financial education

Growing up, I always knew the basics of managing money, I never got into any real difficulty (how much trouble could I actually get in when wanting to buy a can of coke or the latest toy). As I grew up, the expenses started to increase and became more important and I didn’t have the support to meet that challenge. 

I was lucky, I managed to get support from Action for Children on effectively managing money. As these expenses increased, I needed to think about the long term costs like saving rather than short term thrills, it wasn’t easy. With this extra support, it was a real wake up call, one I appreciated. Not everyone gets this support, this is where more needs to be done.

While it may seem like the normal way of life, young people having fun and being careless about the future, what you need to remember is some of us have a little more responsibility with less support. To have the opportunity to top up my knowledge of managing money while learning new skills was valuable. I learnt to tighten my spending, writing everything I bought down in a spending diary – this really helps!

For those planning how to support young people, I suggest focusing on how you are communicating the information to us, consider bite size information.

I am proud to be supporting the Fair Deal campaign, working on getting more support young people! Support here.

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