Keep your child entertained without a screen this summer holiday

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We have over 600 services across the UK supporting children, young people and families. Parents tell us that it can be a struggle to get their children to “unplug” and take part in activities away from television, phone and computer screens. 

Here's our top tips for keeping your children entertained with out a screen this summer.


Why don't you... Hold a family sports day

In a recent poll, sport was one of the top three activities children told us they wanted to do with their parents. So why not turn and area of your garden or your local park into your very own sporting arena?

Hold a running race, beanbag throw, mini hurdles or go retro with a game of rounders.

Barton on Sea Step Out for Children Walk

Why don't you… Go on a nature treasure hunt

Make a map with a list of ‘treasure’ on it that the family has to tick off and find. Oak trees, a stream, daisies, fields of cows are just a few ideas – and then head off for a family hike and see who can be the first to find them all.


Why don't you… Have a dance off

One for indoors when you inevitably have those rainy days. Everyone takes a turn to man the CD player and watch as the rest of the family take part in a dance off. Use a torch as a strobe light and boogie away.

Why don't you…Build a den


Construct a tee-pee down the park from fallen branches. Or if you've got a garden, use trees to hang some sheets off or drag out a large cardboard box and some pillows. Either way construct your den which can then be home for a game of hide and seek ?

Why don't you… Take a dog walkies

If you don’t have a dog of your own offer to walk one for your friends or neighbours then get walking. Who knows what new places you might discover?

Why don't you… Get on Your Bike

Check out the National Trust website for a list of family-friendly bike rides. Don’t have your own bikes? Borrow from a friend or hire from your nearest bike shop. 

Tap into your own experience: when you were a child, what was your favourite game to play? Share these with your children.

As well as trying to cut down on screen-time, you may want additional support, such as dropping in for a chat or attending support groups at children’s centres, to learn how to better connect with your children. 

Find your nearest children's centre

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