4 top tips for new parents

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We recently visited Park Children’s Centre and spoke to Mandy, who works as a Family Support Outreach Worker there.

She supports families of all kinds on a daily basis, and she’s shared with us her top pieces of advice for new parents.

Here's her advice:


1. Set boundaries.

When children know what’s expected of them, their behaviour is generally quite good. You need to remember that you’re not there to be your child’s best friend – you’re there to be their parent. Sometimes doing what they want to do isn’t the best thing to do.

2. Don’t feel pressured by expectation.

Parenting is quite different now than it used to be, so don’t get too hung up on the advice of elders on how to raise your child. With technology and everything the way it is, parenting can be a totally different experience in this day and age.

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3. Remember that there is no “perfect parent”.

As long as you’re doing what’s best for your child, you’re being the best parents you can possibly be. You will never have everything figured out – when it comes to children, there will always be different challenges along the way. As long as you are patient, honest, and follow through with what you say, your relationship will be a good one.

4. Realise that you’re on a journey with your child.

Both of you are learning and evolving as you go through the parenting years. Let you child that they can always come and tell you anything, and that you’ll never be disappointed with them. Remember that you’re learning and growing together.

Watch Mandy's top tips for new parents:

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