Making a splash: 5 reasons to go swimming with your baby

Posted by / Tuesday 01 November 2016 / Baby Preschool Age Parenting Tips

Swimming can be reasonably cheap and is a really beneficial activity for you and your baby. So we've written below our top 5 reasons for taking your baby for a swim.

Go on, dive in!


1. Safety first

1 in 3 children can't swim when they leave primary school, according to the ASA.

That's pretty shocking. And if you live in the UK, you're never far from the water. So what better reason to get your children learning to swim early.

By taking your children to the swimming pool at a young age, you will help build their confidence in water. This will help a lot when your baby grows up and learns to swim. And who knows, your baby could one day become the next Tom Daley (it could happen!) 


2. Quality time with your baby

Let’s face it mums and dads, we live in a busy world. And that can make it difficult to find quality time dedicated to your baby. Swimming can be the perfect solution to this.

There are lots of classes around the country that offer swimming with your baby, so take a look.

Keep eye contact with your baby during swimming lessons and give them lots of praise. You’re sure to have one happy water baby by the end of the session. 

3. Balance and coordination skills

Swimming is brilliant for improving children’s balance and coordination skills. Because you have to move against the water in able to float and swim, your body has to be aware spatially. This means balance and coordination skills improve outside of the water as a result. Result!


4. Make them strong

We’ve all heard how good swimming can be for your health, but did you ever think it could keep your baby healthy too? Studies have shown that swimming with your baby can help develop their muscles and help keep your baby strong [1].

5. Improve sleeping

Now this one is important. Taking your baby for a swim will get them exercised, and help get them to sleep. If all it takes for a good night sleep is taking you baby to the pool, then what are you waiting for!

[1] Healthmade Magazine, "The Benefits for Swimming Especially for Children-The Function to teach Swimming to Infants." March 8, 2011.