New baby coming? 4 tips to help your toddler adapt

Posted by / Monday 04 July 2016 / Parenting Tips Pregnancy Siblings Baby Toddler
Pregnant mother and child

When you’re pregnant with baby number 2, your firstborn will most likely feel very insecure. They’ll realise that they won’t have your full attention anymore. They may feel like they’re not loved.

Our team at Wigan Parental Outreach give you their top tricks for managing your toddler through this time.


1. Involve your toddler

Prepare them by telling them stories about what will happen when the baby arrives. You can also involve them in buying things for the new baby.


2. Reassure your toddler

Tell your toddler that you’ll always love them. Remind them that you’ll never leave them and that they’ll always be very special to you, even though the new baby will be there.



3. Visit friends who have babies

This is a great way to get your toddler used to being around babies.


4. Spend quality one-on-one time with your toddler

Toddlers, like adults, can feel very insecure when things change around them. Ensuring that you spend daily quality time with them will make them feel calm and secure when the baby comes.

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