I'm taking on Parallel London because disabled children deserve more

Posted by / Wednesday 30 August 2017 / Disabled children and young people
Stuart Merryfields

Children with disabilities deserve to have as much fun and love as any other child. Merryfields makes this a reality for disabled children. We spoke to Stuart who works at Merryfields. He told us why he loves his job and why he’s taking on Parallel London, for the children he works with.

"Working with children with disabilities can be challenging at times, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. Learning and developing with them and supporting them in their day to day life is the best aspect of my job at Merryfields. There is a young man we support who has recently come off his medication. It helped him with his behaviour, but he’s recently been able to come off it and he hasn’t had any real flair ups since. It’s seeing little differences in the children like this that makes it all worth it.  

Merryfields 7

Taking on the challenge

I’ve done a 10k before, and I’ve got to be honest with you, that was a real challenge. But raising awareness of Action for Children and Merryfields would be amazing, and this is just a little way we can do it. We wanted the children to get involved as well, so Natasha and Tilly are doing the run with me and my colleague Cinnamon. We wanted them to experience something they wouldn’t usually do.

It is going to be a big day for them! Going to London is something they don’t often do and getting the chance to do that will mean so much to them. I think we’re going to be tired afterwards, but it will be worth it.

Raising funds and making an impact

Fundraising is going really well, at the moment we’re at £460.00. (Initially their target was £250!)

Not enough people know about Action for Children, and me being able to have a chat to people about what we do is great. It really is a bonus.

Merryfields 4

What it means to the children

The money we raise could be put towards going on the London eye or having an activity come to us here at Merryfields. It would be amazing to have an activity kids haven’t done. Want to put to the money to them and something fun for them.

I want to show people that Merryfields isn’t just an overnight stay for children. It means so much more to the kids, and their parents getting a break. I want people to be aware of what Action for Children does and the amazing impact these services have on the children.

We still have places left in Parallel London, so sign up and join in on the fun with Stuart and the Merryfields team! 

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