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What is a Trustee?

Trustees are the people who are ultimately responsible for oversight of the charity and everything that happens at Action for Children. Pictured above is John O'Brien, Chair of Trustees and Catrin, one of our team of Young Ambassadors.


What does that mean?

Our trustees have legal responsibilities to ensure that we are carrying out our charitable purpose. They also make sure that we are governed properly and that our resources are managed responsibly.

In large charities such as ours, Trustees can't run the whole organisation on their own so they appoint staff like our Chief Executive, Tony Hawkhead, to manage and deliver services. 

Our Trustees often visit services, meet staff and see what is happening on the ground. This keeps them in touch with the excellent work being done. 

"Demand for local children's services is growing, as is the need to support children with more complex needs than we've previously experienced. We're here, as we always have been, to meet these needs"

John O'Brien, Chair of Trustees

How many Trustees do you have?

There are 15 people on our Board of Trustees and they are led by our Chair of Trustees, John O'Brien.

Trustees meet regularly to maintain an oversight of performance and agree strategy. They do this working closely in partnership with Tony Hawkhead, our Chief Executive, our Managing Directors and Company Secretary, who all support the Board.

Over the last year, we hired 5 new Trustees and each had to face a panel of young ambassadors in their interview process. (Pictured are Holly, Ben and Kacey from Worcester)

We believe it's essential that our trustees can relate to the children and young people we help, plus it makes it clear to candidates from the start that children and young people are at the centre of all we do. 

"I asked the candidates for trustee why they think it’s important to listen to young people when making decisions. I also came up with the idea of asking them all what biscuit they’d be, and why! I enjoyed the different answers we got – from Oreos to Rich Tea."

Holly, Young Ambassador

How much do Trustees get paid?

Nothing. Trustees are part of our 2000-strong volunteering team who give their time and talents for free. They do what they do because they believe in our aims and objectives and they want to help make a difference

"I'm proud to be a Trustee with Action for Children because the outstanding people in this extraordinary organisation afford me the opportunity to make a real difference for the good of the many disadvantaged children and young people we seek to servce"

Stanley Goudie, Trustee

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