"Why I'm taking part in the Great North Run"

Posted by / Friday 26 August 2016 / Fundraising Events

With just under month to go until the Great North Run 2016 we'd like to introduce a member of our Action for Children running team!

Meet Sian Edwards and her son Jac. Sian has a very personal reason for wanting to give something back to Action for Children...

"I have chosen to run the Great North Run for Action for Children as they help support my family. My Son Jac, who is 20 months old, has Down's Syndrome; he attends a local play group funded by Action for Children. Early intervention for children with learning disabilities is so important and by attending the play group Jac has specialist support in many aspects of his development. Speech and language delays are common amongst children with Down's Syndrome and the staff within the play group help support Jac with targeted therapy and Jac is now using some simple signs. I feel strongly that without this early intervention children with a learning disability may not receive the support they need to help them reach their full potential."


If you were lucky enough to get a place in the official Great North Run 2016 ballot and you would like to raise money to help the UK’s most vulnerable children and young people, why not join our team of running stars? 

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Community events, overseas adventures, running, cycling, walking - whatever the event your efforts will help children in urgent need.