Thank you for your support

Lucy is one of our Support Workers. Because of the support you give, she is able to help children and families who are struggling with domestic violence, neglect and difficult behaviour.

1 in 5 children have been exposed to domestic abuse




"A lot of people struggle to leave domestic abuse relationships because they’ve been completely brow beaten. Their minds have been taken over by the perpetrator who tells them that nobody will believe them. We need to get in there early. We need to help families get out of dangerous situations"

Action for Children Support Worker

Being a Support Worker for Action for Children is a busy but highly rewarding job. Here’s what a typical day in my life looks like:


Today, I’m arriving for an early morning visit to support a mum who’s recently come out of an abusive relationship and is suffering mental health issues. Getting her four children ready for school on time has been challenging. I encourage the children to use their routine charts we made on my previous visit.


I’m chairing a meeting about an 18 month old girl with complex developmental issues. Her mother is present and we discuss how we can help her. She has tears in her eyes as her daughter is not yet eating solid foods. But we’re there for her by offering practical advice.


I am heading to a school to see a six year old boy. There are concerns that his emotional needs are being neglected. I arrange for him to to join the school football club to help build the boy’s confidence and help him make friends.


It’s always heart-warming to see progress – for the mum who is that little bit more confident in herself after a successful school run to the little boy who simply wanted to join the football team.

It’s the little things that can make such a big difference.

On behalf of Lucy and every vulnerable child and family we support – thank you for supporting Action for Children.