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Wendy- scotland fundraising

I’ve volunteered for several different organisations and events over the last 5 years. This started by accident through my passion for muddy obstacle courses and developed into a diary full of various volunteering events. I came across Action for Children on a social media post and haven’t looked back. I’m not a millionaire so can’t pledge money, but I can offer time, unlimited energy and enthusiasm. As a child I felt “missed” by services so it’s refreshing to see how different support can be for children nowadays. Working in children’s services, I am aware of the adversity and it’s imperative organisations like AFC are supported to run successfully. It’s an honour to be a tiny, teeny part in supporting the fantastic fundraising efforts and hearing directly from wonderful young people who’ve benefitted.   

I’ve volunteered at Sportspersons Dinner, Gleneagles Day, Solheim Cup, Never Mind the Business and most recently at Byte Night. The overnight sleep-out in Edinburgh was especially close to my heart having experienced homelessness at 16. My highlight so far has to be at NMTB when I went to collect a £1000 pledge from a lovely lady and during our brief chat she said ‘make it five’ and changed it to a £5000 pledge, we were beyond excited. I really look forward to future fundraising events with AFC. 

I’m also studying for a post grad diploma to become a Practice Educator. Outside of working and volunteering, you’ll generally find me in the pool, gym or with my family- I’ve been blessed with becoming a grandmother to the most gorgeous wee boy!  For anyone considering volunteering, you won’t regret it!!! Most likely you’ll be looking for your next event having developed the volunteering bug.  Your little part really will help to make a difference to someone’s day, week or future.