Fundraising Volunteer, Warrington

sandra- fundraising warrington

I retired from my job as Office Manager and enjoyed having time to myself, catching up with jobs and meeting friends, but there’s only so much shopping and lunch dates you can do. I missed the office routine and hearing the gossip. I looked on “Do It” and saw Action for Children in Warrington were looking for volunteers. I’d done house collections for Action for Children previously and believe the work they undertake is invaluable.

I completed the online form, we met to have a chat about the opportunity, and that was it! We had a trial period to see if I was happy with the role and the Fundraising Team were happy with me; seven years later, I’m still here and loving it! I come into the office two mornings a week and do various tasks; counting money, mail merges, posters, tickets or events, wrapping prizes, and I’m also responsible for managing the relationship with box holders. I feel it benefits my brain to keep up with computer skills and learning how to use new packages. I love that every day is different, and the Team in Warrington are amazing- so welcoming and always checking in. I believe that I gain as much, or more, than I give through volunteering. I love coming into the office, hearing about what everyone is doing, and being invited to join them on social occasions.

I have a good circle of friends, I like to caravan with my husband and help with our three grandsons. I also knit hats, blankets and cardigans for a premature baby unit. To anyone thinking about volunteering: there are plenty of opportunities out there, look for one that suits you and hopefully you’ll get as much pleasure from it as I do, it will certainly enrich your life.