Mentor, Liverpool

jono- liverpool mentor

My name is Jonathan but I prefer the much friendly Jono, I love football, all things LFC and spend most of my time working in a community run cinema. I’m hoping to transition into a career like child social work or protection. Growing up in Liverpool in the 90s I remember the severe lack of opportunities afforded to children locally. It took me meeting a leader I respected with only my interest at heart, to allow me to develop skills and have opportunities I could only have dreamed of. Now as a mentor I have the chance to be that for a child which has given me tremendous pride.

In my role I meet my child once a week for a few hours and we’re always looking for different and interesting activities to try. We work on all aspects of a child’s wellbeing be it social, education or emotional each child is different and that is what makes it special.

Seeing a child’s confidence grow is the best feeling in the world. Even teaching a child to swim and give them the belief that they can achieve whatever they put their minds to regardless of their circumstances is fantastic. There is nothing quite like seeing the pride they express when they achieve and the thanks they have for all your work (Even if they don’t always say it).

Volunteering is one of the greatest things I have done and transformative for both you and your little buddy. It’s not always easy and at times it can be physically & emotionally draining; but you should always remember the difference you can make in that time. Even an hour a week can change the prospects of a child life so why wouldn’t you give them that opportunity, you will not regret it!