Independent Visitor, Newcastle


I heard about volunteering through the DWP which has an employer supported volunteering initiative called Community 10,000. I applied to Action for Children in 2017; after completing the training courses, recruitment checks and interview I became an official Independent Visitor.

I’ve worked with 2 young people; the first was an asylum seeker, and I began my second placement in August 2018. We meet every four weeks and over the last 12 months have done exciting and varied visits including ice skating, pantomime, circus and a surfing experience. Alongside this, I give talks to potential new volunteers about being an Independent Visitor and regularly attend the Action for Children Team meetings.

Being an Independent Visitor with Action for Children is extremely satisfying, you never know what may happen and you have to be prepared for the unexpected. You can help to make a difference to a Young Person’s life. On a trip to the Odeon, my Young Person said to me “that he loved coming here” and “You gave me the confidence to go out by myself which I had never done before”. Since then my young person has expressed an interest in becoming an independent visitor themselves when they are older, to help other people in the same way that I have helped him.

Outside of work and volunteering, I enjoy at the weekends taking my black Labrador called Sally out for nice walks and making homemade pizzas. One of my ambitions is to learn French so that I can go on holiday and be sufficiently fluent.