Independent Visitor, London


I began volunteering for Action for Children back in 2016 when I decided I wanted a volunteer role that would allow me to build a long-term relationship with a young person. At the time I was a Counsellor, and although I loved my role I never met the young people and I only ever spoke to them once. 

I began looking for a volunteer position and soon realised an Independent Visitor role would be perfect for me. Action for Children was advertising for the position at the time and I quickly applied. I was invited to interview and got the role! 

I was trained, and after creating a profile I was matched with a young person.  

I'm quite the busy bee and like to have a lot of things going on at the same time, so the Independent Visitor role fits perfect within my lifestyle. I’m able to do all the things I need to in my personal and work life and bring about a positive difference to the life of a young person in care, which is a fantastic feeling.

As an Independent Visitor you can provide a young person with consistency. I’ve spent time doing activities with young people which they enjoy from cinema trips to ice skating, going out to eat and just catching up. For me it’s important to give young people the opportunity and space to do the things they want to ensure they get the most of the service.

The best part of being an Independent Visitor is the connections you make with your matched young person; I remember the first time a young person of mine asked me for advice, it was unexpected and heartwarming.

I would encourage anyone wanting to make a positive difference to a young person to become an Independent Visitor.