Retail Volunteer, Watford

Azeem- retail watford

I have been always looking for opportunities to gain skills I couldn’t gain in school. Working as a retail assistant at the Watford 1869 shop allowed me to grow my soft skills and meet new people. I enjoyed working with the charity so much that after the store closed, I still got involved with the 1869 brand and volunteer in other areas of the charity. I am very lucky to be in the environment I am; being able to use my skills to benefit other people who are less fortunate is, in my mind, a social obligation. It’s extremely rewarding knowing the effort and time I put into volunteering is directly affecting someone in a positive manner.

As a full time student, I volunteer as much as I could after school, on weekends and in holidays. During school holidays I volunteer for days at a time helping with whatever I can. At the 1869 store I used to work full day shifts during the weekdays and half-days on weekends. The highlight of my time was meeting and working with new people.

I really enjoy biking, swimming and squash in my free time. However, one of my favourite hobbies is listening to and making music. I’m currently doing A-Levels in maths, physics and computer science to do electrical and electronic engineering at university, then hopefully go into sustainable fusion energy. If you’re thinking about volunteering, I would say just start as soon as possible. The first step is always the hardest but once you’re in the environment to grow to love it.