Event volunteering


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We need volunteers who can help out at our events across the UK, and we’d love it if you could join our team. By joining our event volunteering squad, you can help out and make a real difference.

Take a look at our events to see which event you'd like to help out at, then sign up, stating the event you'd like to help at. Once you've done that, we'll be in touch.

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What do you get?

If you sign up you'll get great experience to write on your CV as well as email updates from us. You'll also have fun getting to meet lots of people at exciting events like the London Marathon and Byte Night. You'll be a real part of the fun!  

Whatever you chose to do and whatever amount of time you can give, you'll be making a big impact in supporting our work with children and young people.

"Thanks to your team for such a great day! I had a blast and was as noisy as I could possibly be for the runners, glad it helped. I'll be back again next year no doubt. Thanks for the opportunity!"

Liz Dinneen
one of our many wonderful volunteers