Employer supported volunteering

Give something back to the community

Employer supported volunteering (ESV) is a way for employers and companies to give something back to the community whilst gaining great benefits in return.

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What are the benefits?

By getting involved in Employer supported volunteering your company could:

  • Increase staff commitment, motivation and morale;
  • Develop staff skills;
  • Promote understanding and respect between co-workers
  • Generate creative approaches to problem-solving;
  • Improve its reputation.

We have a range of opportunities across the UK.

Your staff could take part in a team challenge or get together to work on a meaningful project, like creating a sensory garden or transforming a therapy room for children.

There are also opportunities for your employees to make use of their professional expertise, like offering specialist advice sessions.

"It was really rewarding to see the difference that a group of people could make in just a day - it just shows you what teamwork can achieve."

There are two types of employer supported volunteering we offer; local or Plus. You can find out more about the two options below. 

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Employer supported volunteering Plus

Employer supported volunteering Plus is open to companies based in London or companies that are looking for volunteering opportunities on a large scale, for multiple occasions or for a longer period of time.

Your company will benefit from our dedicated staff who will liaise with you and carefully match your needs to our most appropriate opportunities. We'll do all of the organisation and preparation for you, and ease your staff through every stage of the volunteering process. If requested we will also ensure that your contribution is aligned to your strategic objectives and corporate social responsibility plan.

Our previous company volunteers have included Barclays, Dell, E.ON, FedEx, Balfour Beatty and Prudential

Employer supported volunteering Local

ESV Local is open to companies that would like to volunteer with a small local project outside of London on a one-off basis.

We do not charge for ESV Local opportunities, although some activities, such as painting or gardening tasks, may require the purchase of materials and financial help would be very welcome. 

Email us and we'll pass your details on to our local service staff who will make arrangements directly with you.

Due to the high level of service and staff time we devote to working with companies who choose ESV Plus, we do ask for a financial donation to help cover our costs. The level of donation will depend on a number of factors, including the size and scope of opportunities you are looking for and the level to which you would like to invest in the important work we do.

To discuss how your company could volunteer with us please call 020 3124 0625 or email us.

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"As well as being rewarding to help out your local community, it was also a great day from a team building perspective."

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