Women donating their time, money and expertise to put an end to child neglect.

Women Taking Action is a collective of successful, influential and inspiring women who are taking a collective stand against child neglect, the most widespread form of child abuse in the UK.

For over 145 years, Action for Children has worked across the UK to protect and support the young and vulnerable. Thanks to Women Taking Action, we're able to reach more families in desperate need before problems spiral out of control and children's lives are at risk.


Through this unique group, women have an incredible opportunity to be part of pioneering work that will shape and save vulnerable children's lives, breaking the cycle of neglect and significantly reduce its impact on society.

Neglect is the most prevalent form of child abuse, featuring in 60% of serious case reviews into the death or serious injury of a child.


A note from our Chair

Daisy Goodwin
Writer and TV producer, and Chair of Women Taking Action.

Child abuse isn’t just about violence to children; it’s also about the absence of love.

Neglect is corrosive; it eats away at a child’s sense of self-worth as surely as physical punishment. If nobody cares whether you get enough to eat, or you have the right clothes to keep you warm, why should you believe in yourself? Some children can endure this kind of treatment, but no child should have to.
I was thrilled to be asked to chair Women Taking Action, which is bringing together the UK’s most influential and successful women in support of Action for Children’s work to prevent neglect.

In the most serious cases neglect can cause great harm or even kill children.

This is why we are making a collective stand against neglect, donating our time, money and expertise to save vulnerable children’s lives.

"Child abuse isn’t just about violence to children; it’s also about the absence of love."

Daisy Goodwin, Chair