Women Taking Action is a collective of successful, influential and inspiring women taking a collective stand against child neglect.

Action for Children supports and protects the young and disadvantaged as they grow up. We exist to make their lives better: now, tomorrow, and every day

We make growing up safer. We take action early to fix problems before a child is overwhelmed by them. We support children and their families at different stages in their lives. We care about each child and every family. We treat everyone as an individual and give people the support they really need. We never give up.


What we do

Project visits

Members have the chance to attend inspirational project visits where they can see first-hand the incredible difference that Action for Children is making for this country’s most disadvantaged children and their families. We can arrange individual or group visits to a number of services within your community.

Members' meetings

Vibrant sessions covering an update on key areas of our work; discussions about recruitment of new group members; putting forward ideas for group events and project visits, and inviting potential members to come and hear about the group and Action for Children.

Evening events

Held at interesting venues, evening events provide fantastic opportunities for members to socialise and network, with drinks, canapés and a themed focus, incorporating an inspiring presentation from an influential female speaker. Of course, some events can include men and we would be happy to also have male speakers at the group’s request!

Across the country, there are families struggling to cope. There are children who aren't getting the care or opportunities they desperately need. Children who are neglected, ill-treated and abused. This is life, today, for millions of children in the UK:

  • 40% miss out on "good" parenting (around 6 million)
  • 20% live in absolute poverty (around 3 million)
  • 10% are neglected (more than 1.5 million)

Find out more


Sandwell Family Partners

The Family Partners pilot programme, in Sandwell, is a project that provides intensive early support to whole families where children are at risk of neglect.

Three boys aged seven, eight and twelve lived with their parents. Both parents were drug-users, conditions in the house were very poor and the children did not have proper beds, bedding or toys. They were always unwashed.

When the boys were referred to the NHS, Action for Children stepped in as part of a multi-agency response. Read the rest of the story.

Sandwell Family Partners