Our incredible key workers are doing everything they can to help children to learn, feel safe and be happy. They’re delivering essential items to families’ doors, adapting services to reach those who can’t come to us, and helping children who can’t stay at home. Here are just a few of their stories.



Ophelia is one of our wonderful family support practitioners at our family support service in Northampton.

She and her team delivered basic essential to families in need around Northampton with the help of our Emergency Fund.

Watch her in action as she helps families during lockdown by doing a socially-distanced food shop for them.



Becky is a young person’s practitioner from the North Lanarkshire Young Carers Project, supporting young carers by safeguarding their health and wellbeing, supporting them with education, training and employment and increasing their access to leisure and social opportunities.

Using the Emergency Appeal Fund, she’s been able to support vulnerable children and families affected by the coronavirus crisis, paying for the essentials like food, bills and replacing broken white goods. “The funds have been fantastic help for families,” said Becky. Read more about her work.

Our Renfrewshire Short Breaks team are really missing the young people they support, so they made this excellent Makaton video set to George Ezra!

Our short break services offer care and support for children and young people who have learning or physical disabilities and their families.



Davie is a key member of staff at one of our housing services, which provides a safe place to live for young people at risk of homelessness, while supporting them with the vital skills they need to be able to live independently.

Davie would usually work within the project but is currently unable to work face-to-face: “at the moment I’m not going to the project, I am working from home because of my asthma. It goes against the grain, I want to be there and normally if I had a breath in my body, I’d be there but it’s different this time. It’s not just my health, its everyone else."

“It can be difficult to connect but we’ve had a lot of success breaking down barriers to help young people. It is going to be more difficult during this lockdown, but we will continue to be working with them to help."



Nicole and her incredible team of key workers run a housing project, providing accommodation and support to young people who would otherwise have nowhere else to live.

“Now that a lot of the training, work and education has stopped, the young people are finding it difficult to occupy their time. Anxiety levels are really high for them - rhere is so much information coming out and they’re struggling to process it. It is really affecting young people’s mental health.”

“Obviously this pandemic leaves everybody extremely vulnerable. But it leaves the vulnerable even more vulnerable than they were before. Organisations like Action for Children need that support from the public to be able to carry on giving support to those vulnerable people, so if people can, it would be great if they can donate, even just a little bit.”

Help us support more vulnerable families

£8 regular

£8 could pay for cleaning products to create a safer environment for a child

Donate £8
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£10 regular

£10 a month could provide a parent with online support from a key worker

Donate £10
£15 regular

£15 a month could help a family pay for gas and electricity

Donate £15
£10 single

£10 could pay for breakfast and lunch for a child

Donate £10
£15 single

£15 could pay for books and activity packs to help a child learn

Donate £15
£25 single

£25 could pay for a pair of shoes for a child whose shoes are completely worn through

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