Remember A Charity Week

Wombles Costume

The Wombles are helping us shine the light on legacy giving! Their legacy is leaving a healthier planet for future generations. Have you ever thought - what will my legacy look like?

A gift in your will could help us in our mission of ending childhood crisis.

Poverty has a devastating effect on children. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Last year, over 20% of the donations we received came from gifts in wills. Helping us change the lives of 368,648 children, young people and their families. Income from legacies is more important than ever before. To be able to make plans to protect future generations. 

That’s why we’re taking part in Remember A Charity Week (7-13 September 2020).

What do you think is the best gift in the world? Find out what The Wombles think.

Do something incredible

You don’t need to be rich or famous to do something incredible. It starts with one action.

Leaving a gift in your will is easier than you might think. After taking care of your family and friends, any amount could make a huge impact.

Your legacy could transform a child’s life. Imagine that. You’ll keep a child safe. Make sure they’re healthy and happy. And help them go on to achieve extraordinary things.

Start your journey today by requesting a free information pack.

Myths about legacy giving

Despite the growing popularity, many myths remain about this special type of giving. One being that writing a will is time consuming and costly. When the truth is there are cheap, quick and reliable services available. To celebrate Remember A Charity Week we are offering free will-writing services to our supporters.


Free will offers

As a valued supporter you can have your will written for free. You have the choice to write your will online. Or talk to a specialist by phone or online video.

Write a will. Write brighter futures.

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