Legacy FAQs

How do I leave a gift to Action for Children?

Start by making a will, or if you already have one, amend it with a codicil form (which records any changes to a will).

What types of gifts can I leave?

There are three types of gift (called a "legacy") you can leave to us:

  1. A residuary legacy is where you donate a percentage of your estate, once family members are provided for and money owed is deducted. 
  2. A pecuniary legacy is a gift of a fixed sum of money.
  3. A specific legacy is a gift of a particular item, such as antiques, jewellery or toys.

How will I know what to write?

We recommend you get a solicitor to help you draft your will correctly.

What's the basic information that I need to include?

To make sure we receive your gift you'll need to include our name, address and registered charity number.

  • Name: Action for Children
  • Address: 3 The Boulevard, Ascot Road, Watford, WD18 8AG
  • Registered charity numbers: 1097940 (England) and SC038092 (Scotland)

Do I need to tell you if I've left a gift to Action for Children in my will?

That's up to you. Of course we'll be delighted to hear from you - it'll allow us to thank you and helps us plan for the future. To let us know about a gift, please call us on 0300 123 2112 or email us. Any information you give us will be kept in strict confidence and you can change your mind at any time.

I've left a gift to Action for Children in my will but my circumstances have changed. Can I change my mind?

Yes you can. A will is a very personal document that reflects your final wishes. You're free to change your mind at any time.

I left a gift in my will to NCH/National Children's Home but now your name has changed. Will this be a problem?

No. Most professional executors will check with the Charity Commission, which holds details of our name change.

For your own peace of mind, or if you have chosen family members as your executors, we recommend noting the change in a codicil. Download the form, attach it to your will and provide a copy to your Solicitor. The codicil form records any changes you wish to make to your Will; including our up-to-date details:

  • Name: Action for Children
  • Address: 3 The Boulevard, Ascot Road, Watford, WD18 8AG
  • Registered charity numbers: 1097940 (England) and SC038092 (Scotland)

I'm not wealthy, is it worth me donating?

You don't need to be rich to leave a gift to charity in your will. Leaving just a small percentage (called a residuary legacy) to us in your will goes a long way. These gifts are inflation proof and exempt from inheritance tax. People often find they can afford to be more generous in a will than in their lifetime. No matter the size or amount, your gift will contribute to our work with vulnerable children.

Should I provide for my family first?

It's natural you'd want to provide for your family - and we'd encourage you to look after them first. We're asking that you remember us once your loved ones' needs are met.

Would it be better to donate now?

We're very grateful for all donations. However, we don't know what issues may emerge in the future. That's why we try to encourage gifts in Wills too - because they help us to plan ahead.

Will my gift to Action for Children be subject to tax?

Most gifts you leave to Action for Children are exempt from tax. We usually receive the full amount. Your gift may also bring the total value of your estate below the Inheritance Tax threshold. We recommend you talk to a solicitor for more details on tax exemptions and benefits.

Can you send me some more information?

We'd be happy to send you information by post. Simply drop us a line on 0300 123 2112, email us or fill in our online form.

Can I have a say in how you use my gift?

We understand that you may want to leave a gift to a project close to your heart - and you're entitled to do this. However, we encourage gifts left to us to be unrestricted. We're then free to use the money where it is most needed at the time.

If you'd like to talk with us about leaving a gift in your will, please call: 0300 123 2112.

Or email us: legacies@actionforchildren.org.uk

Write to us:
Legacy Team
Action for Children
3 The Boulevard
Ascot Road
WD18 8AG