Fostering in the North

We’re looking for warm, caring people who want to make a real difference. Become part of our friendly and professional team.

We are always looking to recruit new foster carers in the North.  The types of fostering we do includes:

  • Specialist fostering for Sibling groups
  • Children with challenging behaviours
  • Parent & Child
  • Therapeutic Fostering (Transform)
  • Planned break foster care (Respite carers)
  • Fostering North West - Homes approach

All you’ll need is a spare room, patience, resilience and a great sense of humour.

"I am given support in any situation with my placement from Action For Children, they provide more support than the local authorities."

Action for Children foster carer

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We give you extensive support and training so you can feel confident in fostering children from all backgrounds. You'll be part of a community of foster carers that really makes a difference to children’s lives.

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  • A competitive fee
  • Full training
  • 24/7 phone support

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Read how our foster carers are changing lives.

Derrick and Sue

Derrick and Sue have been foster carers for 17 years and are currently fostering two children.

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Specialist fostering for sibling groups
Sibling groups may consist of any number of brothers and sisters who require placement together.    Carers will need more bedroom space and the added energy to devote to meeting the needs of a number of children at one time.

Older children with behavior that may challenge others
This type of Foster Care is for children of all ages although most children placed are usually aged 8+ and need specialist care to manage their behavioural issues or psychological disorders.

Therapeutic foster care, Transform (Sheffield only)
Transform is designed to care for children and young people who have encountered severe disruption, abuse or trauma in their lives. These young people are likely to have complex needs, attachment difficulties and will often have significant challenging and risk-taking behaviour. Transform placements are for two years, after which the child can progress to a permanent, single placement with their foster family.

Planned break foster care
We need planned break foster carers to offer vital support to our existing team of carers across the region and become an integral part of the team.  Planned break care provides foster carers cover during holidays, weekends, day-care or babysitting around their daily lives.  This gives full-time carers the chance to recharge their batteries and enables young people to have new experiences. 

Homes Approach (North West only)

H – Helping to Build and Maintain Connections
O - Outcomes Focused and Evidence Based
M - Making Sense Together
E - Empowerment and ‘Working with’
S - Safe, Stable Base

We recognise that our children and carers feel much more settled when they have a solid support network. This is why we work on building good solid relationships between our staff and carers team, the child’s family, the community, and other professionals. We know that our children and carers’ placements progress more positively when they have these connections.

Children in care are disadvantaged in various ways, such as with their health or education. This is why we work closely with our carers to set targets and track outcome measures. We use these to identify when changes occur and put in any additional support that’s needed. This helps us to identify children and carers achievements and celebrate their success. Our carers know that we have their back.

Support Through HOMES includes: -

  • Social Workers with Low Case Loads
  • Psychologists Support with Care Planning and Placement Monitoring
  • Weekly Support Group Meetings with Other Foster Carers
  • Young People’s Weekly Sessions with Behaviour Coaches
  • Young People’s Access to Therapeutic Life Story Work
  • Support form a Young People’s Family Worker
  • Planned short break support
  • Access to 24-hour on-call advice
  • A Personalised Training Plan

Older children
Helping teenagers whose families may have had long histories of involvement with social services. Or young people who have had difficult family relationships that may have deteriorated as they have grown older, to the point where it is unsafe for them to remain at home.

Children with behavior that may challenge others
Supporting children with a wide range of emotional and behavioral difficulties, they may be experiencing problems at school or college and in their relationships with adults or other children.

They could be involved in drug or alcohol abuse or they may be presenting sexualised behaviour and at times be verbally and physically aggressive.

Sibling groups
You will be helping brothers and sisters to stay together. Children in sibling groups may present the same range of emotional and behavioral issues as those above and need the same kind of secure, nurturing support.

However, carers will need more bedroom space and the added energy to devote to meeting the needs of a number of children at one time!

"Living here has helped me in everyday life and has made me a changed person and I have improved physically and mentally whilst living here and has helped me become more confident and made me a better person." Young person


We are currently recruiting carers in the following locations:

  • Sunderland 
  • Durham
  • Hartlepool
  • Peterlee
  • Billingham
  • Leeds
  • Wakefield
  • Hull
  • Beverly
  • Barnsley
  • Rotherham
  • Sheffield
  • Doncaster
  • Selby
  • Goole
  • Newcastle
  • Manchester

“We would advise anyone thinking of becoming a foster carer that the process can take a few months and will be a roller coaster but it's a worthwhile journey to take.”  New Foster Carer

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