Fostering in Northern Ireland

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With extensive support and training, you will be helping young people who may have experienced neglect, abuse or trauma, or multiple move throughout their lives. We are also recruiting part-time carers who can provide support during holidays and weekends to our full-time carers.

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For more information on our Northern Ireland fostering service and the types of children we help, take a look at the details below.

Fostering in Northern Ireland is managed by:

  • David Montgomery

Contact his team on on 028 9046 0500 or fill in our simple online form.

Older children

Helping teenagers whose families may have had long histories of involvement with social services. Or young people who have had difficult family relationships that may have deteriorated as they have grown older, to the point where it is unsafe for them to remain at home.

Children with behaviour that may challenge others

Supporting children with a wide range of emotional and behavioural difficulties, they may be experiencing problems at school or college and in their relationships with adults or other children.

They could be involved in drug or alcohol abuse or they may be presenting sexualised behaviour and at times be verbally and physically aggressive.

Sibling groups

You will be helping brothers and sisters to stay together. Children in sibling groups may present the same range of emotional and behavioural issues as those above and need the same kind of secure, nurturing support.

However, carers will need more bedroom space and the added energy to devote to meeting the needs of a number of children at one time!

Mainstream foster care

Mainstream foster carers provide a safe and caring home for children aged between 0-17 who cannot live with their parents for a variety of reasons including neglect and many other issues. Placements can last for a few days or for many months.

Planned break foster care for all types of young people

An integral part of the team, planned break carers provide much-needed cover during holidays and weekends. This gives full-time carers the chance to recharge their batteries and enables children to have new experiences.

Planned break foster care is also an opportunity for people considering fostering to get hands-on experience before committing fully.

Parent and child

You will be providing much needed support and supervision to young parents and their babies or young children. You will be supporting them in their ability to care for their own child and also providing an assessment of the young person’s parenting capacity.

Real stories

Read how our foster carers are changing lives.

Derrick and Sue

Derrick and Sue have been foster carers for 17 years and are currently fostering two children.

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