Every child and young person is unique. We know our foster carers are, too.

This is why we always find the best possible match between a child and a family. Doing this builds strong relationships that last.

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Different types of foster care

Although we find homes for children of all ages, most of the children we support are over five.

Long-term fostering

We’re looking for foster carers who can give children a long-term home until they’re ready to live on their own.

Short-term fostering

We’re also looking for people to care for children who need somewhere to live temporarily. Some of our foster carers specialise in looking after children for a short amount of time.



Wherever possible, a local authority will try to keep brothers and sisters together. If you have more than one spare room, you might be able to foster more than one child.

Parent and child

In some parts of the UK we need foster carers to look after parents who have their own children. This type of fostering usually lasts between three and 18 months. You’ll work with professionals to help these mums or dads with their parenting skills.

Children with disabilities

We’re also looking for foster carers who have the skills and experience to support children who need extra help. You’ll get specialist training and supervision based on your child’s needs.

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"It’s a second chance to be part of a family. I’m really lucky that I have my foster family and that they will always be my family."

A foster child with Action for Children